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ITA Pavillion - 38106

Since 35 years Abra Iride has been a reference in the stone sector for the quality of its polishing abrasives and for the range of solutions it provides to meet any customer’s demand, whatever is the kind of stone that needs to be processed; marble, granite or engineered stone.

Our R&D...

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Abrasives, polishing products, adhesives and protective products
ITA Pavillion - 40104

The company Bellinzoni, founded in 1937 in Milan (Italy), immediately stood out for research and development of innovative products with high quality profile, that accompanied the development of the stone market by providing solutions to the problems that have occurred over the years, in an almost...

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CHIM-ITALIA GROUP SRL Società Unipersonale
ITA Pavillion - 38102

CHIM-ITALIA GROUP S.R.L. is an italian leading manufacturer of the following products:
* Polyester fillers and glues (for Stone – Car – Wood)
* Vinylester / Epoxy / Polyurethanic resins and adhesives
* Other natural and artificial STONE CARE chemicals

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ITA Pavillion - 39103

ROBOTICOM designs, engineers and offers to the market innovative robotic solutions. With our know-how and the experience gained in more than 20 years in the business, we are able to offer custom made robotic solutions for every single customer.

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ITA Pavillion - 38103

Global Shipping makes research and innovation its mission.
Our products are studied to withstand the most extreme conditions with proven performances against
atmospheric agents and mechanical stress, with high quality, effective and durable results. Global Shipping
offers its experience and...

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ITA Pavillion - 39102

HG Hyper Grinder is a leading company specializing in the production of professional machines and equipment for grinding, polishing, restoration, and maintenance of marble, granite, concrete, wood, stone, and porcelain floors.

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ITA Pavillion - 39107 - 39105

We proudly represent one of the leading companies in the metal-mechanical sector, specializing in manufacturing diamond tools for processing natural and synthetic stone. We boast the highest number of patents in the stone industry.

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ITA Pavillion - 40102

OMAG SPA is one of the industry leaders in the production of machine tools for processing marble, natural stone, quartzites, glass and ceramics.

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ITA Pavillion - 39104

Pellegrini Meccanica manufactures and commercializes technologically advanced machines for natural stone processing cycle. Our offer range includes quarry equipment, diamond wire cutting and profiling saws, lifting plants and surface treatment lines.

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Machines, installations and equipment
ITA Pavillion - 39106

Sassomeccanica designs and produces automatic machines for cutting, shaping, polishing and engraving marble, travertine, granite, stone and agglomerates. The machines, built in Italy, are simple to use and find applications in construction, furniture, funerary art and sculpture.

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ITA Pavillion - 40106

For fourty years we were offering CAD/CAM for CNC software solutions, simple and flexible, at the service of craftsmen, builders, and OEM to enable them to work at their best and to meet even the most complex production need

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ITA Pavillion - 38105 - 38107

WATERJET CORPORATION is a leader in manufacturing of NC machine tools for high-pressure waterjet cutting of stone, glass, steel and other materials.The HYDROFINISH System is able to decorate the surface of all types of stone, marble and granite.

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Diamantfil – Single wire saws

Single wire saws for blocks squaring, slabbing and profiling in the “Jolly” version. Equipped with electronic tensioning control for cutting precision and with automatic cutting system to program...

Product detail
La Rossa Scanner – multipurpose surface treatment plant

It is a unique machine which produces a wide range of surface finishings at high speed. It is equipped with 4 independent bridges. A scanner device ensures the automatic adjustment of the heads...

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Lifting and handling equipment

Complete lifting systems for all the stone cycle process. Derrick cranes for serving the whole quarry area. For the factory both overhead cranes and gantry cranes for the yard are available in...

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Magicwire – Multiwire saws

Magicwire series with 16 wires for cutting slabs and thicknesses of marble and granite. Available in standard version with 1 meter cutting coverage and “XL” version with 1,5 mt cutting coverage....

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Nuovo prodotto
Product detail
Profiling wire saws

Profiling saw range for simple and complex shapes. Diamantfil Jolly 1200, 2000 and 2500, the “Diamantfil Jolly” and Robotwire 2600 are available as 4 axes controlled plants for 2D profiles of...

Product detail
Surface treatment lines

Available for both strips/tiles and slabs. Standard flaming, roto bush-hammering, sand-blasting and other ones like chipping - grooving are included in the traditional lines. The continuous flaming...

Product detail
Telediam – Quarry wire saws

Wide range of electric wire saws for the quarry exploitation from 25 HP for small cutting operations and squaring up to 100 HP for big primary cuts of rocky portions. Equipped with inverter for...

Product detail
Trimwire - Single wire saw on crawler

Mobile single wire saw for squaring and cutting thick slabs of marble and granite. A single wire structure is installed on a tracks vehicle equipped with a diesel engine. The cutting arch can slide...

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